Salvage and reclamation

Salvage and reclaimed doors

Its unlikely you will ever find another source of such a diverse and extensive range of reclaimed doors. With over 2000 items in stock at any time, we are supply doors for any size frame. We have everyday Victorian and Edwardian reclaimed four panels doors, centuries old brace and ledge doors from old cottages, Victorian glazed doors with lovely stained glass, 1 over 3 panel doors from the 1930s, elegant antique six panel Georgian doors. We also have a huge stock of amazing unusual doors, antique church doors, old shop doors, fire station and prison doors, doors from monasteries and castles and even a pair of enormous barn doors. 

Reclaimed doors in interior design

A reclaimed door transformed into a charming coffee table

Although our doors are steeped in history, and are traditionally found in period homes, we do supply statement pieces for use in contemporary interior design as well. We uncover many hidden treasures in our search for the best salvage, and many of our customers use our more unusual products as statement pieces for their homes. We've seen our products recycled into headboards, black boards and coffee tables. Repurposed doors can give a shabby chic appeal, and are very popular with warehouse conversions and other modified builds.

Repurposed door as a blackboard