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How To Buy Gorgeous Reclaimed Doors Online! When we first moved into our new home, there was a rather odd, stingy little doorway that had been put in at some point, between the living room and family room behind it. We\\\'ve widened that opening to make a really stunning panelled double doorway. My main memories of choosing reclaimed doors for our last house involve lots of time spent visiting reclamation yards and heaving row upon row of heavy, tatty doors to one side to try and find the hidden treasure I was after. We did eventually find the doors we needed but it was a pretty tiring, time-consuming, not to mention grubby, process. This time around, I was determined that there must be another way...and indeed there is! I struck Internet gold when I stumbled upon Historic Doors on-line. Instead of traipsing around Oxfordshire for several Saturdays on the trot, with children and husband in tow, it was a simple matter of picking out the doors that I liked the look of on the Historic Doors website, a quick ring to the owners to check that what I was after was definitely available and, Bob\\\'s your uncle, I had two completely gorgeous doors delivered just two days later! These were listed under \\\'Georgian Doors\\\' but there is every category of door you can imagine! One of the difficulties this time was that, as this was a double doorway, I wanted the doors to match one another. In the past, it\\\'s been nigh on impossible to find matching doors but, because they have such an enormous stock available (over 2000, can you believe it?!), I was able to choose two of exactly the kind of doors I wanted! It\\\'s not often that on-line products exceed your expectations, and certainly not if they are reclaimed items, but it was completely the opposite this time. Our doors, which came complete with the original locks and hinges, had been so beautifully stripped and sanded down, that a friend actually asked if we\\\'d had them specially made, rather than being a couple of hundred years old. Incredible! In our old house, the stripping process left some of the reclaimed doors looking rather the worse for wear but Historic Doors assured me that shouldn\\\'t be the case if you start the process with well-made doors like ours....and, boy, were they right! We had planned to paint our new doors but we\\\'ve left them unpainted for the time being as they\\\'re in such great condition! These doors are truly gorgeous and do wonders at adding a new period feature to both rooms. This was definitely helped by choosing little details to tie the doors in perfectly. For example, we chose the beading for the panelling to tie in perfectly with the doors, so that the double doorway gives the feeling of having been there forever.