Changing front door

Changing front door: Period front door tips

Changing front doors is a big deal . If you are thinking of changing front door, this advice article will give you some period front door tips.

I want to change my period front door

The front door is the mouth piece of your home, and should be treated as external focal point. It draws the gaze of anyone passing by. People don’t notice the walls or window sills, they notice the door. Are you in the market for a Georgian front door? Or maybe you’re looking for a four panel Victorian door. Either way, if you want to change your front door, then look no further. This guide will help you through the steps involved.

Things to consider before changing your door

If you want to change your front door, there are a few things to consider before you start. Firstly, if your house is listed, or in a conservation area, you should seek advice before making changes as consent may be required. If you are thinking about replacing your front door, firstly check if it is an original. Original doors should be kept wherever possible, including the original door furniture such as the doorknob, knocker and letterbox.

Changing front door tips


Repairing original doors is better than replacing them

The wood used for old doors is usually of much better quality than timber available today. Even if your door is over 100 years old it can last many more years if it’s well maintained. Making repairs is preferable to replacement, as it will retain the character of your property. Every door has its own history, and a story. It is worth remembering that the original front door you are thinking of replacing  is custom built to your home. It is also worth noting that originals are worth more than modern replacements, and can even increase the value of your property. Read about how door numbers affect property price in this House Beautiful article.

Replacing a non original front door

If your front door is not original, we can help you replace it with a door that suits the style of your house. Before you do this, it’s worth remembering that very old houses have changed over time, and the door could still be interesting, even if it’s not the ‘original’. it may still be architecturally important and still worth keeping. Different doors are part of your property’s history. It is worth researching the history of your building, and the design movement of the time before you start looking for a replacement door. Once you have done your research, you can start looking for new doors. Replacing an inappropriate modern front door with a heritage period door design will nearly always improve the look of the building. Take photographs of your neighbour’s doors in your road and you could even find old photographs of your home in the local library. If you need help identifying which doors are original or not, you can send pictures to us at Historic Doors.

Listed buildings consent or conservation area

If your house is a listed building, you may need Listed Building Consent to take out your old door and replace it with a new one. Conservation areas may also be subject to regulations under Article 4 directions (which restrict work you can normally do without planning permission).
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