Historic Doors Blog

Historic Doors Blog

Recycling a period single panel door into a family blackboard

Recycling your doors into a family blackboard to display your notices in the kitchen. We have installed one in my house now and if anyone is out everyone just scribbles where they have gone and what time they are expecting to return. Its so easy to use and makes planning meals so much easier. I have also used it a great deal to note down things I usually forget. Shopping lists and school appointments.

Reclaimed 1930s doors

Doors from the 1930s are characterised by the distinctive singular top panel, over three vertical lower panels. Due to the large number of 1930s period houses, this style of door is highly sought after, and we have a wide selection of them with different sizes available. Read more on 1930s doors.

Victorian Doors

The Victorian era was defined by innovation and new technologies. The fashions decorous and full of pomp. And the interior design trends were high ceilings and large impressive doors. We stock hundreds of Victorian doors, both internal and external. Read more on Victorian doors.