what is architectural salvage

What Is Architectural Salvage To You?

Architectural Salvage is a term that we tend to throw about quite a lot. But if you don’t work in the reclaim and salvage business, then it can seem a bit vague? So what is architectural salvage, and do I want it?

Architectural Salvage is a broad term

It is a broad and sweeping statement, to label something as architectural salvage. It can range from vintage cast iron radiators to reclaimed timber doors, or even the sofa that belonged to the Beatles in their first flat. So it really is a sweeping statement.

But for us architectural salvage is the pot of gold, the four leaf clover¬†and the rabbits foot rolled into one. Because by rights it should be in landfill, but for the sharp eyed salvage worker. And it’s only because people like you (yes, you reader!) are interested in salvage, that it gets saved at all.

Architectural salvage blends culture, history and design into one. For the creative and the pragmatic, the eco-warrior and the industrialist. Architectural salvage is for all.

How others define us

According to Thoughtco.com, an architectural salvage centre is “a warehouse that buys and sells building parts salvaged from demolished or remodeled structures.”

Now at Historic Doors, we may be seen as one of these warehouses, but like many of these other “centres” we are so much more. We would consider ourselves akin to metal detectors (only with more overalls and less anoraks!). We are the people who go out searching for buried treasure among the piles of debris that others leave behind. But salvage yards come in all shapes and sizes.

The Specialists

Credit: SalvoWeb

We happen to be specialists in reclaimed and salvaged doors. We started that way because that was the available niche. But this is far from the only type of salvage we come across, and we are not the only specialists out there. We once went out on a typical door collection trip, and came back with three timber A frames from a Victorian barn. Needless to say it went up at our old location, we tiled it up and turned it into an annex. We’ve had prison doors, airport doors, fire doors and more. Some have a story, many do not. But the ones which do tend to be interesting. The ones which don’t still look good.

There are many other specialists out there, and normally they work with either metal or timber, as the two have such different skill sets required. Being on the timber side of things we see plenty of reclaimed wood. It’s a crucial part of our business because old-growth wood is superior to new growth.

What it means to work in salvage

Credit: California Home Design

Working in salvage is hard. A lot of the time it’s lonely, sorting through mountains of other people’s junk for days. Loading up lorries, chasing spurious leads, following them through only to find a bunch of junk that needs burning not salvaging! But despite the difficulties, the let downs, the cold (COLD) January mornings in the Old Flint Barn it’s worth it.

The number of bizarre and interesting people you meet in this job is unbelievable. We don’t sit at desks, and we don’t get any Yuppies boring us about the next big thing. Uncovering the past and helping match our customers with the piece to complete their design dream. That’s what we work for.

So have a browse on our website, give us a ring. See what we have. If you’re in the market for salvage, whether it’s doors or something else, we’ll see what we can do to help.