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Rustic farm doors with a modern twist

For those of you interested in some rustic farm doors, we know just what you’re after. Whether you want authentic doors for you farmhouse, or if you are looking for a bit of shabby chic for your modern apartment, we’ve got you covered. You might also want to have a read of our blog post on cottage doors here.

Early door styles

farm doors
Diagrams of early door types. Source: Building Conservation.

Early door design was very simple. Vertical and horizontal planks were laid across each other and joined with wooden pegs, created a two layer thick piece of timber. This style of door is inventively called the “double plank style”. People then started to innovate with “batten and plank” doors, very similar to the double plank doors, but rather than completely cover the back of the doors with horizontal planks, there are just three battens, or ledges. Many of these early doors are still around today.

By the 19th century the batten and plank door had evolved into the ledge and brace door. The industrial revolution meant that sawmills could produce uniform planks in great quantities. These new doors were made in huge numbers, and are what most people associate with farm doors. Our full range of ledge and brace doors is available here.

Half and half stable doorsstable door

The half and half stable door style is very popular with farm and barn conversions. Having the top and bottom half of the door separated means that on a warm day you can let in the breeze without letting out the kids (or cats, dogs, or whatever else you might have about!). These doors usually have long hinges which go most of the way across the door.


Internal farm doorsfarm internal door

Many different types of farm doors can be used inside the house, and it is very common these days to see homes which only use repurposed doors inside their home. For those of you who are going for the shabby chic look, these doors can look fantastic.  We only stock naturally aged doors, each of them with a story to tell.

Sliding doors

farm doors barn doors

This old barn door has been cleverly repurposed into a sliding bathroom door. The natural age of the door is clear, but we think the contrast between old and new works really well.

sliding farm doors

Here’s another great example of using farm doors as sliding doors in order to save space. If you have an open plan home, and want to keep your doors out of the way, this is a great option for you.

If you are interested in a sliding set of farm doors then please get in touch . They are something we can create specially for you in our workshop. For all enquiries please contact Stick via email at stick@historicdoors.co.uk.

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