retro reclaimed goods

Retro reclaimed goods at Historic Doors

We aren’t just limited to doors in our business. Sometimes we come across hidden treasures whilst sourcing our doors. At the moment we have a few retro reclaimed goods in stock. Such as this pair of early 20th century suitcases.

Retro suitcases in need of a new home

retro reclaimed goods

We recently came across this pair of 20th century suitcases whilst collecting some new stock. We thought it’d be a shame to see them go to waste, so we’re looking to pass them on to a new home! They are inscribed with the initials F.A.S, possibly once owned by Fred. A. Stair? In all seriousness they are lovely, if a little used. They are perfect for upcycling into bedroom or living room storage, and have all the charm of 100 years of use!

retro reclaimed goods

Here you can see the cases open, and we’ve put in a biro for scale. These retro reclaimed cases are probably as old as the red budget suitcase, and although they haven’t been toted around Downing Street (which incidentally has a lovely Georgian door), they have as much history we’re sure. Perfect for any home looking for a bit of character.

Wooden bowls balls

We have also recently acquired two full sets of wooden bowls. These things are the real deal, and hearken back to the days before plastic and metal. We can personally confirm that they are heavy, as Stick managed to drop one on his foot whilst we were testing them out. Ouch. If you want a garden game, or something to take to the beach they are perfect.

You can find our retro reclaimed goods in the product page here. We do try to keep up to date with all the weird and wonderful trinkets we acquire, but sometimes they don’t make it to the website. So do ask if you are looking for something in particular. As ever you can get in touch via email.