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Repurposed Door Ideas – How to reuse old doors

Reclaimed doors can be used in more than one way. In this blog post, we’re going to have a look at some fun ways to repurpose reclaimed doors. If you have some of your own repurposed door ideas why not get in touch, and we can help you find the doors you need.

Repurpose your door as a bookshelf

repurposed door ideas
Source: Dishfunctional Designs

This multipanelled reclaimed door has been repurposed to be used as a bookshelf. We like how it’s been left unfinished to give that shabby chic feel. This is a really easy change to make, simply remove the panels from the door, then fix the panels into the face of the door using adhesive and supporting battens. Alternatively, you can drill holes into the door and use pegs to fix the shelves.

Turn a reclaimed door into a kitchen island

repurposed door kitchen ideas
Image: Pinterest

The kitchen island is a design feature that many of us have in our homes. That additional workspace can make all the difference when the in-laws come for Christmas. We love this innovative door creation, which sees a reclaimed door used as the worktop of the island. You’ll need to build a frame first, then attach the door to the top of the frame. Make sure to finish this with a high-quality varnish or wax, to properly seal the door.

Repurpose old doors into a cute coat rack

Reclaimed door ideas
Source: DIY How To

This repurposed door has two roles: picture frame and coat rack! This is so easy to do and will help you create that unique entrance way. Paint the door with a colour of your choice and drill fixing holes to hang it from. You can then adorn the door with picture panels and vintage coat hooks. You don’t have to use the same frame sizes, why not have a large central picture surrounded by smaller ones?

Turn repurposed doors into hex tiles

Repurposed door ideas

Although we don’t usually like chopping up our old doors, some of our stock is better used for its timber. We end up with lots of offcuts from our restorations, and often we don’t know what to do with them. That’s why we like this tiled flooring idea. Turn those door offcuts into repurposed tiled flooring. Pick a colour palette and then go! Get in touch with us if you are interested in anything like this, and we’ll try to give you a quote.

Build a house out of them

repurposed old doors
The Red House, Liverpool Source

The Red House on Great George Street in Liverpool is a work of art made from salvaged doors around the area. What better way to utilise doors than build an entire house out of them? The doors in this artwork range from Georgian to Modern and we like how they all fit together. The only question we have is which bell do you ring?

Turn a reclaimed door into a shelving unit


repurposed door ideas
Source DIY How To


This corner shelving unit is fun and functional. We like how a Victorian door has been cut in half to save space, and fill the corner of this room neatly. Perfect for flowers and books, this could work in any home and can be bold or discreet depending on your colour scheme.

Have You Got Any Repurposed Door Ideas?

If you have any of your own repurposed door ideas then get in touch. We can work with you to make your ideas become a reality. If you are interested in any reclaimed doors, whether to repurpose them or not, then get in touch with us via our main website, email or call us on 0800 747 1 747.