Meet the Team at Historic Doors

Door experts since 2007

This year we’re celebrating a decade of Historic Doors. I know, we can’t believe it either. In that time the team here has chopped and changed a bit, but the same ethos has remained. We pride ourselves on sourcing and renovating authentic reclaimed salvage, and finding it the home it deserves. So without further ado, here are the team.

Stick: The boss

Stick founded Historic Doors way back in 2007. It’s a funny story, because it starts in a similar way to many of our customers’. He needed a new front door for his home, so went off to a local reclamation yard. When he arrived, he was told that the entire stock of 2000 doors needed selling off to clear the space. Ever the entrepreneur, Stick saw an opportunity¬†and the rest is history. Stick has a background in running his own businesses, but has always been a practical man, and takes great pride in¬†creating valuable products for his customers.

In his spare time Stick is a keen Laser dinghy sailor, and was the UK national champion in 2009 (Not sure if right). He’s also a keen cyclist, and regularly gets his miles in over the south downs, where he is also lucky enough to work!

Jeff in his natural habitat.

Jeff: The paint

Jeff is a relatively new addition to the team, having only been with Historic Doors since the big money move to East Sussex in 2012. Since then, Jeff has worked on the finishing and preparation side of the business. He specialises in transforming old, unwanted doors into the beautiful pieces of design they were meant to be.

Jeff is also a keen cyclist, and reckons he’s much quicker than Stick, but it’s not really a fair comparison because he’s also about half Stick’s age (sorry Dad!)



Will: The web

Will has managed to dodge doing any hard work so far.

Will is Stick’s eldest son, and is only a part of the team in the loosest sense of the word. Will manages the blog and the glamorous side of the website. He’s does so little in fact that he can perform his role quite capably from the other side of the world, as he currently lives in Hong Kong. Never too keen on lifting a finger, he seems to have found his niche as the marketing side of the business.

Will enjoys playing football and cricket, and always knows best. Even when he doesn’t.