how to weatherproof your home

How to Weatherproof Your Home This Autumn

It’s September time, the days are getting shorter, the winds are getting colder and in the words of Ned Stark “Winter is Coming”. For our UK readers that means it’s going to get cold and rainy. All this moisture can play havoc with your doors, windows and outside parts of your house. The colder temperatures can also cause pipes to freeze and burst, not something anybody wants.  So follow these tips on how to weatherproof your home, and keep your feet dry this autumn.

Have your boiler serviced

Having your boiler serviced and checked in the autumn is a great way to prepare your home for the winter. This will prevent any of those freezing winter days when the boiler’s on the blink. If you have a boiler that’s older than 15 years, you can save a quarter on your energy bills by installing a new boiler. You’ll also save on carbon emissions and that can only be a good thing.

Doors and Windows

how to weatherproof your home
This reclaimed door needs to have a weatherstrip fitted to fully prepare it for winter.

Doors and windows are key places that moisture collects in the home and it’s very easy for water to get into the gaps between the frames and from there it can cause a number of problems. Swelling at the bottom of your doors and windows is probably the most common issue, and this can cause warping as well. If you haven’t treated for this your doors and windows might be too misshapen to open come to weatherproof your home

You can prevent against this in a number of ways. One weatherproofing tip we think is a must is getting a draught excluder for your external doors. It will prevent rain dripping onto the bottom of your door and keep the wind from blowing through the gap underneath. Expect this to save you money on your heating bill too. Make sure your timber doors and window frames are properly varnished with a waterproof coat. This will help prevent moisture being absorbed and stop them from warping. This is one of the easiest ways to weatherproof your home.


how to weatherproof your home

The cold weather is coming, and that means the heating has to come on. In our house, we used to have the rule that  1st November was the day the heating came on, but we know not everyone is this frugal! You can improve the thermal efficiency of your home and prevent heat escaping through the roof by installing loft insulation. There are a number of options with different prices and ecological impacts. Rockwool is one of the cheapest options but isn’t great for the environment. Sheep’s wool is fantastic but costs a lot more. Pick whichever is best suited to your budget.home weatherproofing tips

It’s also worth investing in some heavy curtains to insulate the windows. If you haven’t got double glazing this can be a better value option, and also allows you to redecorate your home. We suggest warm colours like reds and oranges to keep you feeling cosy this autumn.

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One of the biggest problems we can face is winter is burst pipes due to freezing. This is a problem for the later winter months but it’s something you can prepare for now. Make sure all of your pipes are properly lagged and that there are no leaky joints. If you are going away this winter make sure you leave the heating on a low setting to prevent pipe freezing as well.

Gutters and Drains

home weatherproofing tips

The autumnal weather is going to bring rain and lots of it. Average rainfall for the UK between the months of September and December is over 100 mm for the South East. Look at the graph below and you can see how rainy it gets in October in Plumpton (10 minutes drive from Historic Doors). Make sure your home can deal with the rain by clearing out your gutters and ensuring there are no blocked drains. Wire mesh is available to cover your gutters, which stops leaves from clogging them up and causing a blockage. If needed you can add drainage channels into the ground to help water flow away from your building.


how to weatherproof your home

It might also be worth checking that you don’t have any missing or loose roof tiles because these can fly off in the windy autumn weather. The last thing you want is a leak springing up in the middle of December because you didn’t have it checked sooner.

So there are Historic Doors tips on how to weatherproof your home. If you have any additional weatherproofing tips why not share this post with your friends? If you are interested in any reclaimed doors please get in touch with us via our website or call us on 0800 747 1 747.