half glazed doors

Half Glazed Doors – Inside and Outside

In this blog post we’ll talk about half glazed doors, which are a perfect feature for your home. Whether you like them inside or outside, having a glazed door will let in the light, brightening up your home.

Half glazed doors – Make your rooms feel larger

half glazed doors
This half glazed bathroom door is matched with light coloured walls to maximise available light

Period or reclaimed doors don’t all have to be solid and serious. Having half glazed doors is a great way to brighten up your home, and can be combined with mirrors and white walls to make a space seem larger. Half glazed doors are particularly popular with older properties, which don’t necessarily let in the most light. They are also popular for terraced houses, which can be dark due to the fewer windows than found in a detached house. They can be in a variety of styles, with 1930s doors, Victorian doors and French glazed doors being particularly popular.

Half glazed front doors – Impress your neighbours

half glazed doors
This is a half glazed front door we restored for a client in East Sussex.

We produced this half glazed door for a customer in East Sussex. It was a reclaimed Victorian front door which we rescued from another reclamation yard. Our customer was thrilled with the result, and I’m sure you’ll agree that the finish is fantastic. We also provided the door furniture for the customer, which included a knocker, letterbox and locks.

half glazed doors
This is another half glazed door we renovated for a customer. We also provided original door furniture.

This is another example of a half glazed door we renovated for a customer. We plugged, sanded and painted the door to their personal specifications. We then installed the door ourselves, making sure that everything fit perfectly. Have a look at these glazing designs on Brit + Co.

Custom built half glazed doors

half glazed doors
This door was custom built in our Alfriston location

We also build bespoke half glazed doors for customers if we cannot source a suitable reclaimed door. This door was designed and built to our customer’s specification, including the frame. If you are interested in a quote please get in touch via email at stick@historicdoors.co.uk, or via telephone on 0800 747 1 747.