reclaimed period georgian front door

A look at: Georgian front doors –

The Look at series examines period Georgian front doors this week. If you have  a Georgian property, read on to find out more about the right doors for your home.

Georgian front doors in colonial Britain

Here at Historic Doors we deal with all styles of period doors, but there is one which has recently been in hot demand. Georgian doors are imposing and grand, reflecting the era they come from. The Georgian period of 1714-1830 was a period of imperialism and wealth for many people. Tea and other exotic goods were being brought over to England by the East India Company, and the Colonies were established in far flung corners of the globe like Australia and New Zealand. Read about trade in the Georgian period at the Georgian London blog.

Georgian front doors are heavy and solid, with six panels each. I can say from experience of moving these, that they are the most secure doors we stock, and come in at around 30 kg each.

Reclaimed Georgian front doors – A celebrity?

The most famous door in the UK, Number 10 Downing Street, is a Georgian front door, and no other style would be a better fit for the house of the Prime Minister. In black, Georgian doors are sombre and serious, and any diplomats who walk through it are met with a healthy dose of gravitas.

georgian front doors
Number 10 Downing Street, home of the Prime Minister, has a Georgian Front Door

Top tip: Octagonal brass door knobs will match perfectly with your Georgian doors. Read our door knobs buying guide here.

Colourful Georgian front doors

But they aren’t all haughty and austere. Here is a great example of a bright and cheery Georgian door. It’ll put a smile on the face of any passerby, rather than stare them down from afar.

Georgian Front Doors
This front door has been painted bright yellow, making it stand out from the crowd.

If you have a Georgian property, you really can’t afford not to furnish your home with a Georgian front door. They match up beautifully with the architecture, and add the extra je ne c’est quoi  to finish off your home.