building age in england and wales

How old are England’s homes? [Infographic]

Great Britain is famous for having a rich and colourful history. London dates back to before Roman times, and other places such as Amesbury have reportedly been settlements since 8000 BC. Wow! That’s a long time! But just how old are Britain’s houses today? And what is the average building period of homes? Historic Doors have done the research, so you don’t have to. Have a look at this infographic we’ve put together.

Build period of homes in England and Wales

building age in england and wales
Pre 1900 is the build period most homes in England and Wales were constructed in today.

The infographic above shows what we already suspected; there are more homes in England today which were built before 1900, than any other era. If you compare homes built before and after World War 2, a staggering 38% of homes today were built prior to it. For those nine and a half million homes, it is so important that their heritage is maintained with the correct fittings and design that is representative of the time.

The second most populous build period might be somewhat surprising. Over 3 million homes built in the 1930s stand today, and they are a diverse and eclectic bunch. It’s no surprise to us, since 1930s front doors are one of our most popular styles.

If there’s one thing this graph shows us, is that period homes are still popular, alive and kicking. And the demand for these homes still outscores the demand of there modern counterparts. As we see demand for housing increase, maybe the government will look to history to provide inspiration, and match building to the pre-war years.

How many period doors are there in England then?

We can’t just leave it there though! How many doors are there in England? Well, that’s a big question, and since we specialise in period doors at Historic Doors, we’ll try to narrow it down a bit. So lets focus on residential homes built before World War Two. A typical two-storey house has two external doors and eight internal doors. After doing the maths, we’ve worked it out to be a whopping 95 million doors in England’s period homes. And that’s just an approximation. The terrible shame is that many of these doors are being scrapped and replaced with poor imitations from large DIY and furniture stores.

The impact of removing period doors

But this could be having more than just a stylistic impact. Having doors and windows which match your properties architectural style is well known to increase the value of your property. By removing the authentic doors from your home, you could actually be costing yourself money. Fortunately there are still some small companies working hard to preserve Britain’s historical architecture, long may it live.

Here at Historic Doors we are proud to be one of the few reclaim businesses in the UK who deal in sourcing authentic Georgian and Victorian doors. We don’t stock remakes, only the real deal. Get in touch with us via email if you are interested in any of our period doors.