brass bloxwich door knobs buying guide

Door knobs buying guide

In this door knobs buying guide, Historic Doors has a look at the different types of door knobs available for your reclaimed door. 

Hold on to your handles!

Door furniture is of vital importance to anyone who has doors. That is to say, the entire population. Without door handles we would spend our years constantly shut in the lavatory, locked out in the freezing cold or unable to communicate with our teenage children (actually that is still the case). But fear not! Here at Historic Doors we have an enormous range of door handles for your pulling pleasure. Here are some of our favourites. View our full range of door furniture here.

Bloxwich brass door knobs

brass bloxwich door knobs buying guide
Brass Bloxwich door knob

This style of door knob is named after the town of Bloxwich in the West Midlands, famous for mining and manufacturing. Metal working was a huge industry here, and Bloxwich door knobs soon became famous throughout the United Kingdom. Originally from the Georgian period, Bloxwich door knobs typically come in 2″ (50 mm) sizes. They are characterised by the rings in the their design, which give each door knob a reassuring feel. We also stock these in nickel.

Octagonal brass door knob

brass octagonal door knobs buying guide

Suitable for large Georgian, Victorian or Edwardian doors, the octagonal door knob has poise and sophistication. Popular throughout the 19th century, octagonal door knobs are available in brass and nickel, but must be used with a mortice fixing, unlike the Bloxwich. I’m sure you’ll agree that this style of door knob can add a touch of class to your home. Read this Lockwood article to learn about Mortice locks.

Polished nickel beehive door knob

nickel beehive door knobs buying guide

The beehive style of door knob is very popular, and is perfect for people who like a good grip! Beautifully textured, these door handles have a beautiful polished finish, and look great on both painted and varnished doors.

Rosewood door knobs

rosewood door knobs buying guide
Rosewood door knobs, warm to the touch, and they come with a lovely brass rose.

Attractive, dark-veined rosewood is the perfect alternative if you don’t want metal door knobs. Unlike their nickel and brass counterparts, wooden handles are warm to the touch, perfect for those early winter mornings. This style is compatible with rim locks, and come with a detachable brass rose.

All of these handles are available on the Historic Doors Architectural Hardware page. If you are interested in any door knobs, we stock both reclaimed and new. We also have a lot of stock in our warehouse that may not be on the website, so if you are looking for something specific please get in touch via email.