Victorian cottage doors

Cottage doors – Doors with a unique charm

In this article, we look at country cottage doors, and which doors are right to buy for your cottage?

The unique character of a cottage

country cottage doors
We found this beautiful cottage over at Country Living.

Cottages have a unique character to them, that just can’t be matched by modern homes and new builds. They have that quirkiness that comes with age and experience, not from design. In fact, many cottages have developed through the years, not belonging to any one time, and with little add-ons here and there which reflect the owner’s personality.

To me, and many cottage owners, it is a crime to have anything other than period doors in your cottage, although sadly many owners opt for modern, plastic doors when they first buy a cottage. However, here at Historic Doors we have all the knowledge and expertise to find you your perfect cottage doors. There are many styles to choose from, and they all depend upon the period of your cottage and where you are based, as well as a little personal preference.

A timeless classic – brace and ledge

Ask most people about cottage doors and they’ll think of brace and ledge doors. These timeless classics are commonly found in country cottages of all ages. These were the earliest forms of doors people made. A number of vertical planks joined together, and then a central ledge to hold them in place. Additional planks border the door, and then braces are fixed diagonally. These doors are commonly found as pairs which are hinged separately into two halves, such as you might see at your local stables.

Brace and ledge doors can be painted or sanded and finished with a wax or stain. We also provide all the door furniture for these doors. All of the doors we sell are reclaimed originals, but we can also make bespoke doors if you are looking for a replica. All renovation and finishing is done at our Alfriston location.

brace and ledge cottage doors
A nice example of an external brace and ledge cottage door.

Victorian cottage doors – Not just for the townies

Victorian cottage doors
Look a the door on this lovely Victorian cottage.

Cottages have been built for centuries, and belong to more than one period of design. The Victorian era is renowned for being the time when people in the country moved to the new mills and factories in the cities, forsaking their previous lives. That is true, but despite this there are many Victorian cottages around, and there are even more cottages with Victorian extensions. Because of this Victorian doors are very popular with cottage owners. These doors aren’t just reserved for Victorian town houses, and their solid four panels will look fantastic in your cottage.

Let in the light with a glazed cottage door

glazed cottage doors
This back door is glazed to let in the light

Cottages can sometimes be a bit dark and dingy. The old architecture is beautiful and every room can tell a story, but back in ye olden days central heating didn’t exist. Buildings had smaller windows to keep the heat in, and keep the cold out. Fortunately in the 21st century most of us have access to a boiler. This means we can have a bit more glass, and let in a little bit more light! Try reading our post on half glazed doors for more information.

Authentic period doors – Get in touch

If you are interested in authentic cottage doors for your home please get in touch with us. You can contact us via email at, or by telephone on 0800 747 1 747. If you see a door you like on our website, but it isn’t the size you’re looking for, get in touch with us anyway, as we can source most types of doors on request.

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