Why set designers prefer to use reclaimed doors

Here at Historic Doors we don’t just provide doors for your home. We have provided doors for several different theatre and film productions. For a variety of reasons set designers often prefer to work with reclaimed doors and architectural salvage. We’ve made a list of the top X Reclaim has more character For set designers, … Read more

brass bloxwich door knobs buying guide

Door knobs buying guide

In this door knobs buying guide, Historic Doors has a look at the different types of door knobs available for your reclaimed door.  Hold on to your handles! Door furniture is of vital importance to anyone who has doors. That is to say, the entire population. Without door handles we would spend our years constantly shut … Read more

Changing front door

Changing front door: Period front door tips

Changing front doors is a big deal . If you are thinking of changing front door, this advice article will give you some period front door tips.

I want to change my period front door

The front door is the mouth piece of your home, and should be treated as external focal point. It draws the gaze of anyone passing by. People don’t notice the walls or window sills, they notice the door. Are you in the market for a Georgian front door? Or maybe you’re looking for a four panel Victorian door. Either way, if you want to change your front door, then look no further. This guide will help you through the steps involved.

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