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6 new ways to reuse salvaged doors

At Historic Doors we are always looking for new ways to use our doors. There are lots of people who want them for their original purpose, as doors, but there are also lots of creatives out there who are looking for a quirky new piece of furniture. Have a look at these six ideas we’ve picked out for you to reuse salvaged doors.

Turn them into blackboards

upcycled door blackboard

We’ve been doing this for years now, and it all started one day where we didn’t have any room left on the whiteboard. A drop of blackboard paint later and the Doorboard™ MK I was born. Since then we’ve refined the method slightly, after all most people want these for their home, not their workshop full of old salvage! Perfect for the kitchen, you can use it to remember key events, jobs to do, and when to buy more milk. Buy one from our shop here.

Put sliding doors on rollers, not hinges

salvaged door ideas

This is a nice way to make a room feel bigger. By installing sliding doors, you can save space which would otherwise be taken up by an open door. These can also be used as covers for a flatscreen tv, or maybe even a dartboard. Reclaimed farm doors work really well for this, as their simple costruction isn’t too bulky.

Give an oak door a new lease of life as a kitchen table

salvage door ideas

Everyone wants a nice, solid kitchen table. And if it’s made of proper reclaimed oak even better (none of that horrible veneer stuff). But if you want the real deal it can set you back thousands. An alternative is to take an oak door, buff it up and upcycle it into the focal point of your kitchen. Whether you go for a distressed look or a dark wax, this is a great way to recycle a salvaged door.

Recycle cupboard doors into a cute coffee table

reuse salvaged doors coffee table

If you want to go for the ultimate cool living room, this one’s for you. We’re talking bare brick walls, wrought iron banisters, and a distressed coffee table. This would look perfect not only in a modern apartment, but also in a home which is going for a vintage look. It would also look great in the waiting room of your business, maybe you’re a marketing agency looking to stand out a bit, or maybe you just offer great haircuts. Either way we think this is much better than a few pieces of plywood from IKEA.

Make a distressed dressing table out of a salvaged door

recycled salvaged door vanity table

So this is for those of you who want to personalise your boudoir, but don’t want to spend thousands on a designer dressing table. But why would you want to do that, when you can have your very own bespoke dressing table made from the best Victorian doors? Painted and distressed to match the style you want, we don’t really see why anyone would want one off the shelf. Have a look at these dressing table ideas.