brass bloxwich door knobs buying guide

Door knobs buying guide

In this door knobs buying guide, Historic Doors has a look at the different types of door knobs available for your reclaimed door.  Hold on to your handles! Door furniture is of vital importance to anyone who has doors. That is to say, the entire population. Without door handles we would spend our years constantly shut … Read more

victorian doors

A look at: Four panel doors from the 19th century

The look at: series examines Victorian Doors. These four panel doors were made during the reign of Queen Victoria in the years 1837 – 1901.

Reclaimed Four Panel Doors

The Victorian era was one of the most progressive eras in history. When it came to societal change, the rise of the middle classes and new technologies, the Victorians pioneered. These were a people who appreciated the finer things in life, and wanted their homes to be similarly fine. During this time new styles and old came into fashion, including the resurgence of Gothic architecture and design.

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