England's finest reclaimed period doors

We reclaim and renovate traditional English doors

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Worldwide delivery  available

If you are restoring your period home, hotel, office, restaurant or bar or searching for period doors for a theatrical production or movie, we  will probably have  a period door for you. Use the search bar on the top left hand side of this page to look for reclaimed doors on  our database.  We have over 2000 doors in stock.

If you can not find a door to suit; we can make a door for you. Our bespoke joinery service can make a door to your exact specification. We  use the same techniques, materials and craftsmenship as the original makers.

Historic Doors Victorian Front Door

Reclaimed doors

reclaimed door with hand made glass

Architectural hardware

Architectural hardware

Hand made glass

Stained glass

Bespoke joinery

Chris frame making in the workshop


blackboard converted from a door